Local Place Plans are community led plans providing proposals for the development and use of land. Introduced by the Planning (Scotland) Act 2019 these plans will set out a community’s aspirations for its future development.

People are keen to shape the places that they live, work and play. Communities are well placed to express their aspirations for the future of their local places and, by linking LPPs to the statutory development plan system, provide a firmer commitment to early and effective engagement in the planning process.

Local Place Plans offer the opportunity for a community led, but collaborative, approach to creating great local places. LPPs can support community aspirations on the big challenges for a future Scotland such as responding to the global climate emergency and tackling inequalities. It is vital that local people have the opportunity to engage meaningfully and have a positive influence in the future.

In January 2021 the Social Renewal Advisory Board published 20 Calls to Action in it’s report If not now, when? to help create a fairer country. These Calls for Action include recommending a shift in the balance of power so individuals and communities have more control over decisions that affect their lives.

This consultation opened 15th March and runs until 25 June 2021, seeks views on proposals for the regulations needed to implement the LPP provisions. It also seeks views on the impact assessments in relation to the proposals. The results of the consultation will assist the Scottish Government in finalising regulations for the introduction of LPPs into the Scottish planning system. We expect these regulations to come into force in late 2021

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