Glasgow based Locavore are planning to transform a closed-down council plant nursery into a productive organic food growing project in the southside of Glasgow but they need your support.

Bellahouston Nursery is an unused 2 hectare site with polytunnels and a greenhouse, and they'd love to transform it into a leading example of urban food growing. They want to create a multi-use and multi-occupancy site for a range of activities around local, sustainable, low-carbon food production.

They envision Bellahouston as a bustling hub of food and growing activity, with many people using the site in different ways which will help build a sustainable food system for Glasgow. They imagine learning, leisure and livelihoods taking place together with families looking after plots, individuals training in organic horticulture, and people from different organisations earning a livelihood from the site. There will be school groups learning about where food comes from, community groups making preserves, and start up coops and social enterprises producing all sorts of interesting foods.

Glasgow City Council has already given Locavore Permission to Use Bellahouston Nursery on a one year basis. They now plan to secure a Community Asset Transfer from the Council and as part of the process they need to show that there is support, demand and backing for their proposal.