“Together we can make London a greener, healthier, wilder, fairer and more harmonious places to live” Charter of London National Park City

A vision for London’s nature, people and place

On 22 July, London was officially been announced as the world’s first National Park City. The Mayor of London signed the Charter of the London National Park City which sets out key aims and values to make life better for people, wildlife and nature. Individuals and organisations can sign the charter showing their commitment to help make this vision reality. A National Park City Foundation has also been established; this will lead inspiring campaigns, support and coordinate action and help growing the movement.

London is celebrating its new status with the National Park City Festival. From 20-28 July over 300 free events are taking place around the whole city giving people the possibility to discover London’s outdoor spaces.

More National Park Cities are to come

Building on the experience of the declaration of London as a National Park City, the National Park City Foundation, World Urban Parks and Salzburg Global Seminar are working on an international consultation to develop a Universal Charter for National Parks Cities. According to the first draft a “National Park City is a place, a vision and a community. It is a city that is cared for through both formal and informal means to enhance its living landscape. A defining feature is the widespread and significant commitment of residents, visitors and decision-makers to act so people, culture and natural processes provide a foundation for better life.”

Interest in this movement is growing around the world, with the ambition to establish 25 National Park Cities by 2025. Some cities have already shared their ambitions to become member of the National Park City family, for example, Glasgow (Scotland), Galway (Ireland) and Adelaide (Australia).