Murrayfield Allotment Association used £2,000 from Tesco Bags of Help to purchase and install a wildlife observation cabin, which is accessible to all allotment users, including the local primary school.

The cabin was erected on a piece of derelict land that had been cleared and found not to be suitable for an allotment garden. However, volunteers saw the potential of the land as a wildlife area and developed the area with wildflowers, habitat boxes, feeding stations and fruit trees. The whole area had to be cleared of all debris, then all over ground undergrowth was cleared. Volunteers then prepared the soil for planting of perennial wildflowers and sowing of wildflowers seeds and planting up of 60 metres of hedging for the birds and insects to enjoy.

‘Our wildlife observation cabin is now erected overlooking a beautiful wildflower area, which was once a dumping area. All our members, school children and local groups are planning to spend time at the cabin observing birds, taking pictures and checking out the insects that are using the wildlife area. Hopefully over the winter months we will get to see visiting deer.’

- Kenny Wright, Murrayfield Allotment Association

The local primary school use the cabin to experience wildlife and learn about allotment gardening. Families, members and other groups such as photography clubs also use the cabin as it provides a warm and secure way of observing wildlife without having to travel.

Key Facts
Location: Dundee, DD4 0AH
Project type: Biodiversity and wildlife
Bags of Help Funding: £2,000
Grantee: Murrayfield Allotment Association

View the printable pdf  Murrayfield Allotment Wildlife Cabin

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