Looking at our diaries we realised that MyParkScotland is celebrating it's fourth birthday this week.

MyParkScotland is an exciting project, to help people discover, enjoy and support their local parks. The website allows us to collect donations using crowdfunding (raising funds from many people over the internet towards a common project). This is for individual and business giving to support parks and their projects, with an investment strategy to develop longer term sustainability and endowment funds.

To mark the occasion as well as sharing some Case Study videos from some of the successful crowdfunds that have been listed on the site we also wanted to highlight the free MyParkScotland Crowdfund Resource Kit has been designed to help groups wanting to crowdfund for parks and greenspace projects.

The Resource Kit  introduces and explains the concept of  crowdfunding and helps groups plan, run and deliver their crowdfunding campaigns.

The easy to use Crowdfunding Worksheet is essential to help groups plan and deliver a successful crowdfunding campaign!!

Download the Resource Kit

Take a look at the current MyParkProjects listed on the MyParkSctotland site.

For more information and to talk through your project and crowdfunding ideas contact Ian Goodman 

The Glasgow Development Trust talk about their project to restore the West Boathouse on Glasgow Green and how crowdfunding as helped them reach their initial funding goal.

MyParkProject: West Boathouse Redevelopment

The Friends of Starbank Park in Edinburgh on getting the funding mix right and how approaching a variety of funding sources helped deliver the Children's Nature Trail project.

MyParkProject: Children's Nature Trail

The Hayburn Playpark Association have run two crowdfunds for this small neighbourhood park in Glasgow. In this video they talk about how they went about running their first crowdfund and attractracted local support. 

MyParkProject: Mini-orchard for Hayburn Park and Don’t sit on the fence – paint it!