Nature-based solutions are the sustainable management and use of nature for tackling societies challenges such as climate change, water security, food security, human health, and disaster risk management. In urban areas nature-based solutions include green roofs and walls, parks, active travel routes, natural wastewater treatments, community growing, renewable energy production and sustainable urban drainage. Demand for nature-based solutions to climate change has increased exponentially in line with recognition that they could provide around 30% of the mitigation required to stabilise global warming to below 2oC.

Barriers to the Nature-based economy

The concept of nature-based solutions is being mainstreamed by policy makers from the UN to the EC and the benefits to both citizens and the environment of nature-based solutions are becoming more well know. However, the economic potential of nature-based solutions has been less well explored until now. As cities all over the world demand more nature-based solutions, a new challenge has emerged. Recent reports have shown that cities are having problems finding skilled and experienced suppliers to meet the burgeoning demand. 

Nature-based enterprises research

As a growing sector nature-based enterprises use nature as a core element of their products or services. Their size, structures and offerings are highly varied but are not yet reaching a wide audience of potential buyers. From landscape architects to ecosystem restoration experts, they play a vital role in helping cities design, deliver, manage and monitor nature-based solutions. To address this roadblock Connecting Nature, an EU funded partnership project innovating with nature-based solutions, has been pioneering a new field of research into the capacity of nature-based enterprises to meet this demand.  

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Connecting Nature Enterprise Platform

To support the development of this new sustainable economic sector, Connecting Nature has developed a new global platform. The Connecting Nature Enterprise platform is an online marketplace connecting potential buyers with suppliers of nature-based solutions who can help to design, deliver, manage and monitor NBS.

In Oct 2020 hundreds of participants from countries around the world tuned in for the launch of the Platform to join the discussion on the role of nature-based enterprises in contributing to the sustainable, net-zero emissions economy of 2050. The Connecting Nature Enterprise Platform:

  • increases the visibility of individual nature-based enterprises
  • showcases nature-based enterprise solutions to the public and private sector
  • feature tenders and opportunities for funding for nature-based enterprises
  • supports collaboration and networking between nature-based enterprises
  • creates sector-specific training content and webinars for nature-based enterprises.

If you are a nature-based enterprise we encourage you to take a look around the platform and register. There is plenty of opportunity to connect, learn from others in your sector and interact. For potential buyers of services there is a wealth of information from suppliers that can meet your needs.

The platform is a stand-alone innovation developed in the Connecting Nature project. It is a sustainable platform which will continue after the Connecting Nature project ends in May 2022.

Connecting Nature is funded by the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme of the European Union. It is a five-year project ending in May 2022. With 30 project partners from industry, local authorities, local communities, NGO’s and research in 16 countries the aim by project end is to position Europe as a global leader in the innovation and implementation of nature-based solutions. As part of Connecting Nature, Glasgow is leading the way for cities embracing the multiple benefits of nature-based solutions by embedding this approach as part of their recently adopted open space strategy. greenspace scotland is a project partner and is supporting Glasgow in the delivery of the project.