The NATURE tool is user-friendly and easy to use Excel tool which will help you assess the impact of land-use and management changes on natural capital performance with the aim of achieving net gains for the environment.

WSP and the Ecosystems Knowledge Network, in collaboration with Northumbria University, co-developed the tool together with over 30 built environment industry and stakeholder partners to assess and implement net gains for the environment at project-scale. We believe the NATURE Tool will enable a step-change in how the built environment professions think about new development, enabling them to implement net-gains for the environment through transparent and objective assessments against clearly defined objectives. Overall, the NATURE Tool will not only help to make future land-use more sustainable, but also to enable the built environment sector to play a more positive role by becoming a net-contributor to tackling environmental issues – a potential game-changer.

The free NATURE Tool was released as BETA version on 27 July 2021 and can be downloaded from the website resources page.

Download the tool