The theme of I Remember is how artist Alec Finlay, appointed to help create Scotland's covid memorial, will reach out to people. The feedback he receives will help to shape and form the future design of the memorial in Glasgow's Pollok Country Park. The Herald’s memorial campaign recently appointed leading artist Mr Finlay to help guide the project.

greenspace scotland has been working with The Herald covid memorial steering group on the campaign and is managing the artist engagement commission.

Through his work Alex Finlay had already been collecting I Remember accounts which can be anonymous submissions. Also working on the project will be Lucy Richards and Ken Cockburn. Alex Finlay is planning to run an I Remember blog from mid June.

He believes by using the I Remember theme, developed from an idea of American artist Joe Brainard, that it is not on him to sum up the pandemic for everyone, adding:

“Instead I am going to ask everyone to understand what the pandemic is.”

One recent example was 'I remember when I talked to my body, told her that she’s capable, and thanked her for what she’s been able to do over the last seven months.'

Julie Procter, chief executive of greenspace scotland, who are managing the artistic commission said:

“Through the simple but powerful form of the I remember statements, Alec will guide and nurture us in a communal act of witness that reflects our experiences as a society and individuals, to shape a living memorial at Pollok Country Park in Glasgow and at other greenspaces across Scotland.

"At Greenspace Scotland, we’ve seen how important parks and greenspaces have been to many of us over the last year. Offering places of solace and sanctuary, somewhere to meet with friends and family, connect with nature and find space and solace during challenging times. It feels right that Scotland’s covid memorial will continue this connection with the restorative and healing power of nature and greenspaces.”

Being involved in developing Scotland’s covid memorial is an honour and privilege for greenspace scotland that brings with it a weight of responsibility to ensure that together we create a fitting memorial which reflects the voices and experience of people and communities across Scotland. She added:

“Working with colleagues in the NHS, we’ve seen how artists can sensitively connect with people to give a voice and creative expression to people’s grief and lived experience – and we felt this was the right approach for Scotland’s covid memorial.”

Soon after The Herald launched the campaign, Glasgow City Council generously stepped forward with the offer of a site at Pollok Country Park for the memorial. And within days we launched a public fund which has raised more than £60,000.

Email to find out more or to submit an I Remember account: [email protected]

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