Plantlife have launched a new Manifesto for Wild Plants. As we head towards the Scottish parliamentary elections, Plantlife have set out five themes where the next Scottish government can and should take action for wild plant conservation.

The five themes cover peatlands (and their use in horticulture), our internationally important rainforests, our fragile and threatened species-rich grasslands, air pollution, and farming for wildlife. Over the next few weeks, Plantlife will be publishing blogs on each of these themes, exploring the issues, finding out why particular themes are being highlighted, and looking in more detail at calls for action and what the solutions are.

Investing in our natural environment, creating green jobs, building a sustainable future, and celebrating and protecting our priceless natural heritage, have never been more important. The great news is that, whilst there are problems facing wild plants, there are also solutions, and Plantlife are ready to work with the next Scottish government to implement them.

Read the Manifesto for Wild Plants, ‘Securing the future of Scotland’s biodiversity’