The Pollinator Strategy for Scotland 2017-2027 sets out how Scotland can continue to be a place where pollinators thrive, along with actions that are needed to help achieve that objective. The second annual progress report on the delivery of the Strategy has recently been published. It reports on progress across the objectives of the strategy. Feedback on the ‘case studies’ section of the 2018 report was very positive and with that in mind they have expanded this section to better showcase more individual projects. Individually these projects are very impressive, but taken in combination they are even more so. 

For all the many projects underway, and being developed, the five main objectives identified in the Pollinator Strategy for Scotland remain consistent. These are:
1. To make Scotland more pollinator-friendly, halting and reversing the decline in native pollinator
2. To improve our understanding of pollinators and their pollination service.
3. To manage the commercial use of pollinators to benefit native pollinators.
4. To raise awareness and encourage action across sectors.
5. To monitor and evaluate whether pollinators are thriving.

Opportunities that emphasise habitat connectivity and habitat corridors are continually evolving and the recent award of Biodiversity Challenge Funds to Buglife Scotland and a cluster of local authorities is testimony to this approach gaining momentum.