Practical guidelines were launched on 10 May 2023 to make parks and green spaces safer for women and girls across the UK.

The guidance includes 10 case studies and suggests a range of practical measures, including creating openness and visibility, escape routes, better lighting and the positive presence of park staff and members of the community.

It is aimed at park managers, local authorities, police and community groups and also landscape architects and other public sector design professionals across the UK.

We are delighted that our work with Glasgow City Council on Safety and Lighting in three pilot parks is included in the guidance and learning from this project was incorporated into the guidance.

The work was produced by a partnership between the Mayor of West Yorkshire, the University of Leeds, Make Space for Girls and Keep Britain Tidy. 

More details including of the launch conference, 'Women and Girls' Safety in Parks: Lessons from Research and Practice' are here: Making parks safe for women and girls  | University of Leeds  

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Glasgow Parks Lighting and Safety Update

In April 2023 a full report with recommendations was presented by Glasgow City Council Officers to the Environment and Liveable Neighbourhoods City Policy Committee. Appendixes to the report included information on Lighting and Biodiversity and the final report provided by greenspace scotland that outlined the feedback received from the pilot parks workshops and online survey.

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