Glasgow Covid-19 Response is a series of projects which have, and are being, drawn up by a variety of authors across multiple media forms. All of these designs and ideas are being generated on a voluntary basis, with some projects developed from a brief that Lateral North have worked up alongside their collaborators, while other people have responded on their own accord to the specific themes we have focused on.

Lateral North are looking for creative responses that come under three key, intertwining categories. These themes are:

1. Developing vacant and derelict land within Glasgow into greenspaces for recreation, growing, contemplation and other outdoor activities.

2. Improving our cycling network throughout the city, providing an infrastructure to allow people to get around the city on two wheels instead of four.

3. Creating green corridors along existing core paths, and building new ones, connecting existing parks together with newly activated vacant and derelict land.

They'd like collaborators from different backgrounds - ideas from economists, healthcare workers, community councils, horticulturists, charities and you, the person reading this, about how to make Glasgow a better place.

There is creativity and ingenuity in everyone, and they are asking those who can to direct some of theirs towards imagining a better Glasgow. There are lots of suggested ideas and mapping resources on their website. 

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