National Planning Framework 4: revised draft  is a National Spatial Strategy for Scotland 2045 including national planning policy principles for Local Development Plans. 

There are six overarching spatial principles to support the planning and delivery of sustainable, liveable and productive places:

  • Just transition - empowering people to shape their places and ensure the transition to net zero is fair and inclusive.
  • Conserving and recycling assets - making productive use of existing buildings, places, infrastructure and services, locking in carbon, minimising waste, and building a circular economy.
  • Local living - supporting local liveability and improving community health and wellbeing by ensuring people can easily access services, greenspace, learning, work and leisure locally.
  • Compact urban growth - limiting urban expansion to optimise the use of land to provide services and resources, including carbon storage, flood risk management, blue and green infrastructure and biodiversity.
  • Rebalanced development - targeting development to create opportunities for communities and investment in areas of past decline, and manage development sustainably in areas of high demand.
  • Rural revitalisation - encouraging sustainable development in rural areas, recognising the need to grow and support urban and rural communities together.

The strategy will be taken forward in different ways across Scotland, reflecting the diverse character, assets and challenges of our places. Eighteen national developments support this strategy, including single large scale projects and networks of several smaller scale proposals that are collectively nationally significant. To guide this regional spatial priorities have been identified for five broad regions of Scotland - North and West Coast and Islands; North; North East; Central and South. Tom Arthur MSP, Minister for Public Finance, Planning and Community Wealth said:

"Putting the twin global climate and nature crises at the heart of our vision for a future Scotland will ensure the decisions we make today will be in the long-term interest of our country… A fairer and more inclusive planning system will ensure that everyone has an opportunity to shape their future so that our places work for all of us."