Inspire the next generation to grow!

Do you want to share your knowledge about the wonders of plants and inspire students to design their own green spaces? If yes, RHS would love for you to volunteer and become a mentor for this year’s RHS Green Plan It challenge!

They're looking for volunteers from the horticultural industry to mentor small teams of 12-14 year old students through the Green Plan It challenge. Over ten weeks, you’ll help students plan and create a model garden for their school or community and support them to share their ideas.  You’ll provide inspiration to help to facilitate the team to make their own decisions about their ideal green space.

This is a unique opportunity to give students an insight into the world of horticulture and to help them understand the importance of plants and outdoor spaces to individuals and communities. As a mentor you’ll be expected to volunteer for around one hour a week over 10 weeks (this can be over the phone as well as school visits). You will also have the opportunity to network with other horticultural mentors and develop your coaching skills and confidence. 

If anyone is interested in getting involved,  and would like more details about being a mentor, and how to apply please visit: