Overtoun Park in Glasgow now has some beautiful public art to compliment it’s existing Victorian fountain and bandstand. With £12,000 Bags of Help funding, lots of imaginative work from volunteers and a skilled creative team Grow 73 have created an innovative trail through the park. The sculptures are the end result of a project that has involved Grow 73 volunteers, local schoolchildren and residents of local nursing homes. Stories from people who live near or use the park were gathered through intergenerational workshops led by storyteller, Amanda Edmiston. The stories became the inspiration for the sculptures by Rob Mulholland and form a trail through the park that is mapped along with the stories on a specially commissioned map illustrated by Rosie Cunningham.

“The creation of the Ruglen Ropewalk has been a hugely positive experience for all involved. The Tesco Bags of Help funding has helped Grow 73 to enhance Overtoun Park by giving it another dimension in the form of a walking trail which combines themes of art, heritage and environment. We hope this feature will help to attract more people to the park, increase activity and benefit our community’s health and wellbeing, protect and improve an important local greenspace, and promote Rutherglen’s local heritage. We can’t wait to see the community enjoying the Ruglen Ropewalk, its sculptures and stories.”

- Eugenie Aroutcheff and Lynn Semple, Grow 73

Grow 73 have also created a community garden and biodiversity area within the park and run regular events. They’re a community group that help people of all ages and abilities to grow their own produce, learn how to lead more sustainable lives and support local biodiversity in the Rutherglen area of Glasgow.

Key Facts
Location: Rutherglen, Glasgow
Project type: Park Development
Bags of Help Funding: £12,000
Grantee: Grow 73
Facebook: @Grow73

View the printable pdf Ruglen Ropewalk

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