Delivering for Today, Investing for Tomorrow - The Government’s Programme for Scotland 2018-19 recognises that a healthy clean environment is good for us and that enjoying the outdoors supports our good physical and mental health whatever our age and stage of life. It also highlights that some communities do not have a quality natural environment on their doorsteps and we need to do more to maximise opportunities for all.

The Programme states “We can, and will, do more to open up the joy and health-giving properties of our natural environment to everyone. Our commitments to active travel and outdoor learning are key, as is the importance of empowering communities to protect and shape their surrounding areas”. 

Actions and commitments in the Programme include:

  • maximising opportunities for all to enjoy a quality natural environment on their doorstep
  • building resilience to the impacts of climate change
  • realising the benefits of outdoor play and learning
  • involving young people in nature and the outdoors
  • encourage and support communities in urban areas to consider opportunities to buy land and assets
  • promoting the existing Community Right to Buy mechanisms to enable community allotments and other forms of community growing
  • developing an active nation – encouraging walking and cycling for recreation and travel
  • continued development of the Central Scotland Green Network

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