The Scottish Land Commission is working to create a Scotland where everybody benefits from the ownership, management and use of the nation’s land and buildings. The commission has recently published three reports of interest to greenspace groups and professionals: Making Urban Spaces work for everyone, Young people and their Local urban areas and Delivering greater benefit from common good land and buildings.

Making Urban Spaces work for everyone
The Commission has been working with SURF – Scotland’s Regeneration Forum – to explore people’s understanding about land reuse in urban areas, how potential assets are identified and the challenges to development. 

Young people and their Local urban areas
Young Scot and Scottish Land Commission established a partnership to explore how young people understand, perceive and have a connection with their local urban areas. This partnership used a co-design approach to explore insights from a broad range of young people about land and buildings in cities and towns. 

Delivering greater benefit from common good land and buildings
Common Good assets in Scotland have the potential to deliver much greater public benefit than they do currently, according to work published by the Scottish Land Commission. Building on an investigation into Common Good assets completed by researchers at the Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES), the Commission believes that with the right governance and legal framework, modernising Common Good assets could be a game changer for urban land reform and community ownership in Scotland’s towns and cities. 

Making more of Scotland's land animation