NatureScot have published draft guidance Developing with Nature, which is aimed at helping those dealing with local development applications to enhance them for biodiversity. 

The Scottish Government’s draft fourth National Planning Framework (NPF4) includes a range of policies that will contribute to delivering the six outcomes now required by the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997. One of these outcomes – securing positive effects for biodiversity – is supported by amongst other policies, proposed Policy 3(e): Nature Crisis. This requires local development (other than householder, farmed fish and shellfish applications) to include measures that will enhance biodiversity if the application is to be supported.

To aid understanding of the types of measures that applicants should be considering, the new draft guidance provides information on 23 different biodiversity measures that can be incorporated into a range of developments. This includes making the most of trees and plants for wildlife, how to provide shelter and homes for a range of animals, and utilising water to enhance nature.

NatureScot are inviting comments on the content of the draft guidance, and they should be submitted by 4 March 2022.

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