The interactive game is being delivered by Intelligent Health on behalf of South Lanarkshire Council, South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture, Smarter Choices, Smarter Places and the Scottish Government.

The idea is to see how far individuals and teams in Hamilton & Blantyre can walk, cycle, run, scoot and roll in just 6 weeks. Distances from point to point are tracked by swiping dedicated Beat the Street cards/fobs close to contactless sensors, called Beat Boxes, on lamp posts around Hamilton & Blantyre to log distance and collect points to earn rewards. The game is designed to be Covid safe with signs and social distancing 2 metre markers by the extra sensitive Beat Boxes which work contactless with a fob or a card.

Primary school children play with a fob, which they receive from school, along with a map and card for a parent and adults use a card, which can be picked up with a map from a distribution point. The card/fob needs to be connected to an individual online account.

There are great challenges to enjoy, prizes up for grabs and a weekly newsletter to get hints and tips throughout the game along with information about bonus points. South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture offer great prizes for children and adults during the game and the prizes get bigger the more milestones and points that are achieved. Prizes include 7-day pass; a free swim/fitness class; gym introduction; personal training session and free 1 month Fitness Membership and can be claimed at an appropriate time in relation to Covid restrictions.

The game is planned to start on 17 March and end on 28 April 2021. Please be aware these dates are subject to change. Beat the Street is working alongside South Lanarkshire's public health advisors to ensure the game can be launched safely.

Image courtesy of Beat the Street Hamilton and Blantyre