The Woodland Trust have published the State of the UK’s Woods and Trees 2021. The report is the first report of its kind laying out the facts and trends on the current state of the UK's native woods and trees.

At a time when the demand for new woods and trees is escalating, the existing woods and trees are facing great pressure.

This report is intended to provide a good understanding of the current state of woodland across the UK and enable us all to realise their vital role in tackling climate change, improving our wellbeing, and recovering nature.

Some of the key findings include:

  • Woodland cover is gradually increasing, but woodland wildlife is decreasing
  • Woods and trees are vital for a healthy, happy society
  • Woods and trees are subject to a barrage of coinciding threats
  • Not nearly enough is being done

As a result of these findings, in order to help the UK’s woods, trees, wildlife and people, we recommend the following priority actions:

  • Expand woodland tree cover
  • Enhance and protect existing woodlands
  • Improve the evidence
  • Invest in the future

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