Brighton and Hove Allotment Federation have found that Council provision of allotments benefits both the plotholders and the wider community in many more ways than just through producing local food. 

 When you consider the wider benefits it turns out that allotments save the city a minimum of £385,000 every year .... and that's before the plotholders even pay rent

Commissioned and funded by the Brighton and Hove Allotment Federation to examine and quantify the benefits of allotments to the city’s residents and to Brighton & Hove City Council, this study was produced by two local experts in evaluation methodologies for estimating monetary value of public infrastructure. 

It found that 

- Food grown on the city's allotments reduces the city's food related carbon footprint by 1050 tonnes at a value of £257,234

- Reduction in healthcare costs due to reduced stress, depression, loneliness and BMI of £32,132

- Minimum biodiversity value of the allotments plus their carbon storage value is £81,835

- Saving the Council from having to process 17 tonnes of packaging and 62 tonnes of food waste at a cost of £14,500

They make the case that in addition to the £385,000 saved, the 2311 plots bring in £130,000 in rent and potentially provide locally grown food worth more that £1million.

The findings are summarised in this infographic 

Full report available for download here