Museum and Galleries Scotland along with partners BEFS and greenspace scotland have launched the Surviving to Thriving programme to support Scottish greenspace and heritage organisations develop their leadership, governance, business and community engagement skills

The programme will deliver a comprehensive resilience and leadership training programme for approximately 40 greenspace and heritage organisations (approx. 80 individuals) across Scotland.

To be considered for this programme, please complete and submit your application by 12noon on Thursday 3 December 2020.

Training will be tailored to the needs of participants, focusing on four main themes of leadership, governance, business planning and local community engagement, and will be delivered through leadership cohorts, training courses, organisational interventions, and bespoke facilitated sessions.

The programme delivery will commence April 2021 and run for 18 months, with the expectation that participating organisations participate in between 20-30 days training within that time period across the four strands.

Eligible organisations will be awarded a community grant to enable them to fully participate in the skills programme.

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