From Roseanna Cunningham, Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform has published The Environment Strategy for Scotland and said:

"We have the toughest, most ambitious legislative framework on climate change in the world and have almost halved our greenhouse gas emissions since 1990. We are recognised as leaders in developing a circular economy and have some of the most ambitious targets on waste in Europe.

The quality of our air and water is improving and we are making progress on many of our targets for biodiversity. We have in place well-regarded strategies and plans for achieving our environmental goals and tackling climate change.

Scotland’s Environment Strategy provides an overarching framework to bring these strategies and plans together and identify new strategic priorities and opportunities. It will help to guide us as we protect and restore Scotland’s natural environment and strive to live within our planet’s sustainable limits. In doing this, we will support the wellbeing of people in Scotland and strengthen our economy. This document sets out a vision for Scotland’s environment and our role in tackling the global crises. It identifies the outcomes on which we need to focus to achieve our vision."