After a three month consultation process the Glasgow City Food Plan has identified and developed six main themes where action needs to be taken to achieve the long term outcomes where tasty, healthy, affordable food is accessible to everyone in the city:

  1. Food Poverty - Fair Food for All
  2. Community Food
  3. Food Procurement and Catering
  4. Food Economy
  5. Food and the Environment
  6. Children and Young People 

Included in the plan are actions to:

  • Prioritise use of Glasgow City Council land for use in supporting sustainable local food 
  • Achieve a Soil Association Sustainable Food Places Bronze award for Glasgow  
  • Community food organisations working with Glasgow City Council Education, colleges and others to develop and deliver learning programmes including accredited programmes
  • Training and apprenticeship schemes for young people to get into growing
  • Build and improve links between the children’s holiday food programme and local growing projects
  • Increased proportion of locally sourced and low carbon produced food used in public sector catering
  • All children and young people are provided practical cooking and growing skills as a life skill expanding opportunities for developing the future food industry workforce 
  • Upskill catering staff and share their skills and knowledge with teaching staff
  • Producing food in line with organic principles has multiple environmental and health benefits - a long term goal is to increase the proportion of organic food in production locally and improve equitable access

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of greenspaces, resilient food systems and made people more aware of the links between food, health, poverty, consumption, supply chains and purchasing patterns. Local food producers and retailers can not only help make healthy food more accessible, but can also support local people through employment and help build a more local, resilient food supply chain.

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The Glasgow Food Policy Partnership is part of a Project Team leading the development of Glasgow City Food Plan and informed by the Glasgow Food Growing Strategy. The team consists of colleagues from Glasgow Centre for Population Health, Glasgow Food Policy Partnership, Glasgow City Council, Glasgow Community Food Network and NHSGGC. At a city level, Glasgow City Council has committed to working with partners to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030.