Saturday's article in The Herald (16 May 2020) 'Valuing Scotland’s parks in the time of lockdown' highlights how more people are using local parks and greenspaces for their daily exercise during lockdown. 

The article raises the question: when lockdown is over will people continue to appreciate these assets or will this green experience, newly found by some, just be an interlude?

The popularity and importance of parks at this time provides a useful starting point for a discussion about the future of our much loved parks and greenspaces. How do we ensure they continue to be there for us as we navigate our way to the 'new normal'? With pressures on public finances, how do we make sure that investment continues in our treasured parks and greenspaces so we can use them for exercise, activity, active travel, play and relaxation. As we continue to need to use social distancing, parks could become our safe open air spaces where we can meet friends and family.

Here at greenspace scotland, we've always talked about parks and greenspaces as our natural health service, our children's outdoor classrooms, our community and leisure centres without a roof. Now, more than ever, we all need easy access to good quality local greenspaces.

#parksmatter #Parks4Life

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