Adaptation Scotland has published a new climate projections summary. The summary provides an overview for Scotland of the most up to date UK Met Office Climate Projections and has been produced in partnership with the Met Office, Scottish Government, SEPA, Nature Scot, Historic Environment Scotland, Our Dynamic Coast and ClimateXChange.

It will help build common understanding on the future climate that Scotland will experience. The summary provides key information about recent climate trends and projections on how these changes are likely to continue and intensify in coming decades. 

Key long-term climate change trends for Scotland are:

  • Average temperatures will increase across all seasons
  • Weather will remain variable and may become more variable
  • Typical summers will be warmer and drier
  • Typical winters will be milder and wetter
  • Intense, heavy rainfall events will increase in both winter and summer
  • Sea levels will rise
  • Reduced frost and snowfall