Scottish Government has issued Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance for community food-growing spaces

The detail about safe working in garden settings remains the same. Social Farms and Gardens Scotland suggest you consider your activity carefully to determine whether you are permitted to operate under the exemptions listed in Part 3 Restrictions on gatherings. Alternatively, adapt your gardening activity to operate under the two household rule. Bear in mind these guidelines may be subject to change.   

So, what do the current guidelines mean for your activity and how you work? 

A few questions Social Farms and Gardens Scotland are suggesting you ask yourself if you have not already. 

  • Are we constituted and operating as a group? 
  • Who holds liability for the group’s activities?  
  • Do we have insurance, and are our activities covered by our insurance provider under Covid19? 
  • Can we adapt and demonstrate safe working practices according to government guidelines? 
  • Is this recorded in a risk assessment or other document? How do we communicate our safe working practice among ourselves and to the wider public? 
  • Can we take, store and if necessary share people the contact details of people attending in accordance with GDPR requirements? 
  • Whilst we work through some of the above can we remain active outdoors using the 2 household rule? If so how? 
  • Can we maintain contact with our volunteer group whilst we restrict sessions or possibly suspend activity? If so how?  

Lou from SF&G says "Never has your work been more essential so it’s worth taking time to think things through to keep you confidently active. If you are unsure about answering any of the above questions confidently we’d encourage you to make contact with SF&G by email the SCVO enquiry service or perhaps your local third sector interface"