Watch This Space is a new publication from Fields In Trust help community campaigners to celebrate, champion and support their local parks and includes a self-help guide to campaigning for green spaces at risk of loss to development. It is published in three editions to reflect the different Home Nation planning regulations in England, Scotland and Wales.

This free online publication is set out in three sections, ”Watch This Space” encourages communities to love their local park and celebrate what it has to offer. Section two recommends an overview of how local parks are being managed for the long-term.

Finally, the third section is an easy-to-use guide to the planning system should you encounter an imminent threat of development on your local park or green space. Included in this section is 5 Top Tips for crowdfunding provided by MyParkScotland. MyParkScotland is Scotland's only dedicated crowdfunding platform for parks and greenspaces in Scotland.

With the publication of “Watch This Space”, Fields in Trust is highlighting the urgent need to secure and maintain those parks and green spaces we currently have. The charity wants local government and landowners to take steps to legally protect parks and green spaces for future generations to enjoy.

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