The report summarises the outcomes of a Place Evaluation exercise and site studies conducted by greenspace scotland in partnership West Lothian Council (NETS and Land Services) and Westfield and Bridgehouse Community Council, in the village of Westfield in West Lothian.

The Place Evaluation and site studies focused on a series of open spaces within the village, including the existing play area and surrounding public realm, the sports pitch and a series of amenity ‘green pockets’. It also included a large open area between the Primary School (to the South of the Village) and the main village area.This area is used informally for recreation and access, but is earmarked for development.

The exercise also took into consideration access issues around the village and to the surrounding countryside. This includes a series of informal path routes around and along the former railway line adjacent to the village.

The purpose of this exercise was to:

  • Support Westfield and Bridgehouse Community Council in understanding the open space challenges in the village, and provide them with a plan, based on residents ideas and wishes, for improving them
  • Find out ideas and suggestions for the play area and sports pitch for which West Lothian Council have a budget for improvements
  • To try to influence the development plan for the village with a view to it delivering supportive open space and public realm connections between the existing village and the new houses; facilitating integration

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