The results of the 2017 Scottish Household Survey published on 4 September 2018 are a mix of good and bad news for greenspace.

Good news: 65% of Scottish adults live within a 5 minute walk of their local greenspace - and people who live nearer to greenspace use it more often

Bad news: a greater proportion of people adults in deprived areas live at least 11 minutes walk away from their greenspace

Good news: three quarters of adults described themselves as satisfied with their nearest greenspace

Bad news: adults in the most deprived areas are less likely to be satisfied with their greenspace than adults in the least deprived areas 

Good news: a higher proportion of people who describe their health as good or very good report using their nearest greenspace several times a week (40%) 

Bad news: adults in most deprived areas are more likely not to have visited the outdoors at in last 12 months (20%) compared to those in least deprived areas (6%)

Read the full report here and compare with the findings from the 2017 Greenspace Use and Attitude Survey