Survey closes Tuesday 25 May

Part 9 of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 aimed to improve the availability of allotments in Scotland and to reduce waiting times for allotments.

It required every local authority to prepare a food-growing strategy. 

This short inquiry is led by the Local Government, Housing and Planning Committee. It will look at whether the Act has improved the availability of allotments and whether it has reduced the barriers to accessing allotments. 

It will also look at how communities are establishing allotments themselves, and at the community, health, educational and environmental benefits of allotments and community gardens. 

This work is part of the Committee’s look back at how the Act is working.

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Has your local authority published its food-growing strategy?

GetGrowing Scotland  have compiled a list of strategies - it may not be definitive. Contact your local authority and search their website to be sure.