greenspace scotland has been commissioned by the Edinburgh & Lothians Health Foundation and NHS Lothian to prepare a Greenspace and Health Strategic Framework for Edinburgh and the Lothians.

This page provides working documents for the steering group.

Draft strategic framework

Annex 1 – Policy review

Annex 2 – Evidence review and synthesis

Annex 3 – Logic model: greenspace and health

Annex 4 – Logic model: therapeutic and other interventions in greenspace

Annex 5 – GIS Green health map

Annex 6 – Summaries for key NHS hospital sites

Annex 7 – Green health case studies

Annex 8 - Priorities for action

Annex 9 – Notes from stakeholder workshop and discussions

Presentation about project at Holyrood ‘Places for Health’ conference on 25 October 2018

If you have any difficulties downloading the files, or if you would like word docs of any of the pdfs, please email [email protected]