Bags of Help Centenary Grants

Bags of Help Centenary Grants support projects in England, Wales and Scotland that provide significant benefit to their wider region. Grants of up to £25,000 are available.Read more

Bags of Help grants

Bags of Help funds local projects in England, Wales and Scotland that benefit their community. Grants of up to £4,000 are available. Working with Tesco and Groundwork UK, we deliver the Bags of Help in Scotland.Read more


How about crowdfunding as part of the funding mix for your project? MyParkScotland is Scotland's only crowdfunding platform specifically for parks and greenspaces. Check out this exciting project which helps you discover, enjoy and support Scotland's parks.Read more

Other funding sources

There are lots of grant and funding programmes that can support greenspace and park projects, activities and events. Thinking about the impact or benefits of your project might help you identify other funding opportunities too.Read more

Inspiring Fundraising

This online resource is the legacy of the four-year Resourcing Scotland’s Heritage partnership programme. Inspiring Fundraising aims to help everyone in the heritage sector in Scotland raise funds for their organisation, cause or project, effectively and with greater confidence.Read more