A project creating a detailed plan for generating green energy at Strathclyde Country Park has been selected for support from the Green Growth Accelerator Programme, run by the Scottish Government and COSLA.

The Green Park, Green Power, Green Neighbourhood project has been granted initial funding to develop a business case to harness power to generate low-carbon heat for nearby homes, industry and public buildings. 

The project draws on greenspace scotland's work on ParkPower and would involve the installation of a water source heat pump in Strathclyde Loch and solar canopies within the car parks to generate electricity, as well as energy generating public art. 

It would also see the existing Watersports Centre being extended and redeveloped as a climate efficient building, with facilities and residential accommodation for pupils taking part in outdoor education and for athletes competing in sports events at the park. 

If the business case is successful, the project could receive up to £10 million from the Green Growth Accelerator Programme towards the cost of the £16 million project. 

Councillor Michael McPake, Convener of the Environment and Transportation Committee, said:

“This is a truly innovative initiative which has the future potential to use the natural resources of Strathclyde Country Park – ‘park power’ - to heat local housing, schools, community facilities and businesses in neighbouring communities,” 

“It supports our ambitious plans to transform the park into a world-class, low-carbon ‘Park of the Future’, with facilities for local residents and elite athletes. The project will also make a significant contribution to our commitment to address climate change by reducing our carbon footprint. 

“Our Green Park, Green Power, Green Neighbourhood project will be an excellent example of how Scotland’s local authorities can lead the transition to net zero in an innovative way by consolidating assets, retrofitting existing buildings and connecting them with locally produced, low carbon heat and power.” 

greenspace scotland were delighted to work with North Lanarkshire Council to develop their application to the Green Growth Accelerator programme.

The Green Growth Accelerator aims to unlock £200 million of additional investment in infrastructure projects to support Scotland’s transition to an inclusive net-zero emissions economy. Scottish Ministers and COSLA have agreed to select six pathfinder projects as a first phase of development for the programme. 

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