Introducing ParkPower

Read our summary document introducing ParkPower.

To find out more about the green energy technologies that are being considered by the ParkPower project, read our technology summary.

Case Study 1: Renewable heat for a new visitors centre at Lochore Meadows, Fife

From coal-mining heritage to renewable energy: a water source heat pump is heating the new visitor centre and cutting energy bills at the Lochore Meadows Country Park.  Read the case study

Additional case studies are currently being finalised and will be added here soon.

Coming soon: Reference sites across the UK and internationally

We are currently compiling a list of reference sites in the UK and abroad that demonstrate the use of green energy technologies in public parks and greenspaces.  This will include examples where innovative organisational models have been implemented that ensure the income and savings from developments in parks are, at least in part, fed back into long-term support for a park portfolio - or even a specific park.  This tends to be through contractual agreements that pass the responsibility for park management to a trust or a community group of some kind.  If you know of any interesting examples in the UK or worldwide we would very much appreciate being told - please email us at [email protected].

Exploring the potential for using ground-source heat pump solutions in public parks

This feasibility study explored the potential for Ground Source Heat Systems (GSHS) to provide renewable heat for community buildings while providing an ongoing revenue funding stream to deliver greenspace management in line with priorities identified by the community. The report explores the potential for accommodating GSHS in three public park settings in Edinburgh and works through the most immediately workable of these three examples in more detail.  It also draws on the experience of working on the Edinburgh sites to outline the factors most likely to contribute to a successful use of GSHS.  This study was supported by an Investing in Ideas grant from the Big Lottery Fund.

ParkPower - Exploring the potential for using ground-source heat systems in public parks

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