Introducing ParkPower

The best way to find out about the project is through our summary introduction or by viewing our Before-After graphic. To find out more about the green energy technologies that are being considered and the implementation models we have reviewed please see our Models and Technologies page for additional downloads.

Case Studies

Saughton Park, Edinburgh

As a fore-runner, not just in Scotland but across the UK, Saughton Park was the original ParkPower project and embodies the newly emerging model of a ‘low carbon park’.

Saughton renewable energy hydro Read the case study

Owen Square Park, Bristol

Possibly the best example in the UK of setting up an energy micro-grid based around a central greenspace with energy being generated by and distributed to surrounding buildings on the edge of the park...and it's run by a community co-op.

Owen Square ParkPower Read the case study

Lochore Meadows, Fife

From coal-mining heritage to renewable energy: a water source heat pump is heating the new energy efficient visitor centre and cutting bills long-term at the Lochore Meadows Country Park. 

  Read the case study

Hermitage Park, Helensburgh

A recent park-wide redevelopment project of Hermitage Park, owned and run by Argyll & Bute Council, has led to the development of a highly energy efficient park pavilion to host a public cafe and community space.

 Read the case study

Caird Park, Dundee

Caird Park is currently undergoing a major redevelopment by Dundee City Council to build a campus-style cluster of buildings to support its sports facilities. The buildings will be heated by a low carbon District Heat Network supported by a wide range of renewable technologies.

 Read the case study


More case studies will be added soon. If you know of a suitable case study site please email us

Exemplar Sites

Our dedicated Exemplar Sites page highlights projects that either demonstrate the use of green energy technologies in public parks and greenspaces or use innovative organisational models.

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The potential of ground-source heat pumps in public parks

This feasibility study explored the potential for Ground Source Heat Systems (GSHS) to provide renewable heat for community buildings while providing an ongoing revenue funding stream to deliver greenspace management in line with priorities identified by the community. The report explores the potential of GSHS in three public park settings in Edinburgh and outlines the factors most likely to contribute to a successful use of GSHS. This study was supported by an Investing in Ideas grant from the Big Lottery Fund.

Read the feasibility study

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