Introduction to ParkPower

New to ParkPower? Read the short summary or the more comprehensive Introduction to ParkPower report.  If you'd like to understand more about the different green energy technologies we've considered, read our Technology Guide.

ParkPower Key Learning

Most organisations are likely to have long-term plans for the maintenance and refurbishment of their assets.  This includes parks and greenspaces. There may also be ad hoc projects, perhaps based on available funding opportunities, for renovation of these assets. Any projects of this kind, whether scheduled or more ad hoc, should now involve a detailed design stage that addresses sustainability issues and carbon reduction.  This should include the potential to utilise land and physical resources to generate low carbon heat and  renewable power to buildings and services both INSIDE and OUTSIDE the greenspace area.

Download our ParkPower Summary of Key Learning Report 

Nesta Summary Report - Harnessing renewable energy in parks

ParkPower Findings Report March 2020

This report provides the results of our 'opportunity mapping' work with Ramboll to assess the renewable energy potential of Scotland's parks, with headline figures for Scotland and local authority areas.
Download ParkPower Findings Report
Download Summary Table for Scottish Local Authority areas for ground source heat   

ParkPower Methodology Report March 2020

This report provides details of the full method and data sets used for the strategic, data-driven 'opportunity mapping' approach used to sift large portfolios of greenspaces at local authority and national scale to identify the most promising sites for different energy technologies.
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ParkPower Map Dashboard March 2020

The ParkPower Dashboard allows users to view and filter approximately 3,500 parks and playing field sites across Scotland according to their potential suitability for a range of green energy generation technologies. 

Find out more about the Map Dashboard

ParkPower Community Guide February 2020

This is a guide for community groups interested in using greenspaces for green energy projects.
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Case Studies 2019-20

Searching for inspiration? Take a look at some of the Scottish and UK case studies

Case studies include: Lochore Meadows, Fife; Saughton Park, Edinburgh; Caird Park, Dundee; Hermitage Park, Helensburgh; Owen Square Park, Bristol; Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London

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Exemplar Sites

Our dedicated Exemplar Sites page highlights projects in Scotland, UK and worldwide that either demonstrate the use of green energy technologies in public parks and greenspaces or use innovative, relevant organisational models.

ParkPower Conference Feb 2020

Approx. 140 people attended the ParkPower Conference on 26 February 2020 from organisations across the public sector (Scotland and UK), energy companies, utilities and voluntary sector bodies. 

ParkPower Conference Fife Council

These were the presentations:

ParkPower Technologies

There are a range of green energy technologies that could be used by ParkPower projects, for example, ground source heat pumps, solar PV and hydro turbines.  For those new to this area we have produced an introductory Technology Guide explaining the technologies reviewed for this project.

This ParkPower Technologies note outlines the technologies we have reviewed and those which are in- and out- of scope for the ParkPower project.


ParkPower Implementation Models

We’ve also developed three models for how ParkPower projects could be implemented – we call these the 'Island', 'Generator' and 'Host' models. Read our Implementation Models note to find out more.

ParkPower Model options

The potential of ground-source heat pumps in public parks

This feasibility study explored the potential for Ground Source Heat Systems (GSHS) to provide renewable heat for community buildings while providing an ongoing revenue funding stream to deliver greenspace management in line with priorities identified by the community. The report explores the potential of GSHS in three public park settings in Edinburgh and outlines the factors most likely to contribute to a successful use of GSHS. This study was supported by an Investing in Ideas grant from the Big Lottery Fund.
Read the feasibility study

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