Two new Park Power Case Studies have been added to the growing resource bank of case studies and exemplar site examples:

Saughton Park, Edinburgh

As a fore-runner, not just in Scotland but across the UK, Saughton Park was the original ParkPower project and embodies the newly emerging model of a ‘low carbon park’. Saughton Park is Edinburgh’s first green-powered park. By combining a micro-hydro scheme to generate electricity and ground source heat pumps to generate heat it utilises its natural assets in a sensitive way to decarbonise its energy demand and reduce its energy bills.

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Owen Square Park, Bristol

Possibly the best example in the UK of setting up an energy micro-grid based around a central greenspace with energy being generated by and distributed to surrounding buildings on the edge of the park...and it's run by a community co-op. CHOICES Energy Centre in Owen Square Park in Bristol is a valuable example of where a public park serves as a community energy generator. The heating scheme, funded by DECC, won a Regen Green Energy award. It captures and stores heat inside the park and delivers it to public and private customers around the park using a micro-grid. 

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