Based in Moodiesburn, North Lanarkshire, the Northern Corridor Community Volunteers (NCCV) promote, protect and nurture greenspace for community wellbeing. They work with various community groups across the area to do this, and applied independently for a Young Placechangers Seedcorn grant for some work they were doing with young people on a little used greenspace behind the Moodiesburn Pivot Community Centre.

Young Placechangers project in a nutshell

NCCV and the group of young people linked with other projects locally to gain further insights into what the community wanted for their local area, and for this greenspace. They worked with a young Mum’s group for the designs in the garden, and with other groups of children and young people too. Then they took this placemaking research and teamed up with a designer to create a welcoming community outdoor learning space, with planters and play resources for children and young people.     

There was an initial group of 10 young people working with the designer. They also connected with about another 70 members of the community who use the Pivot Centre and outdoor space.

When asked what they had learnt, responses from the Young Placechangers included

"Knowing we can achieve a concrete outcome"

"I was listened to despite me being nervous"

It worked - we can make positive changes"

Community Placemaking and the Place Standard

Bespoke training was delivered through Young Placechangers to the NCCVolunteers and the  young people who then went on to use some of the tools to develop this project and explore  ideas for community projects. Young people taking part said that they had learned new skills in planning, listening and co-operating.

Next steps and new partnerships

Through consulting with other groups that use the Pivot Centre, and working with them on creating the garden, the Northern Corridor Community Volunteers and young people have built on their relationship with youth services locally and with others of all ages in the community – a real intergenerational bonus. They applied for Ideas Funding to help the Moodiesburn young people to build on the success of this project, and organise activities and events across the community. Something only possible because of the new confidence gained from providing a garden valued by their community.

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greenspace scotland engages and empowers young people through the Young Placechangers programme.

Young Placechangers puts young people in the lead role – bringing together the wider community to look at local spaces and plan improvements. The Young Placechangers programme has used a co-production approach to develop and pilot a training and support programme enabling young people to transform both the place they live, their relationship to it and the wider community.

Young Placechangers