A Group of pupils from Speyside High School, Aberlour wanted to get the community onboard with their passion for plastic use reduction. As the Speyside Eco-Refill Station Group they applied independently to take part in Young Placechangers through the Ideas Fund programme.

Young Placechangers project in a nutshell

The Group did research, and decided the best way forward was to set up an Eco Refill station in Speyside for the community to reduce the amount of waste across the area. The refill station would be a place where the community could go to refill bottles of household items such as washing up liquid, shampoo, shower gel etc. They would also provide other reusable items helping people in the community cut their waste. They got permission to put the  refill station at the Community Centre which is beside the school and is used by many from Aberlour and the surrounding rural area.   

The Group worked with a local recycling organisation Waste Busters to help raise awareness of the project, and of plastic use reduction across Speyside. There was a core group of 10 pupils, plus outreach through the local community to over 100 people. The young people were supported to complete a portfolio of work and submit evidence to achieve a Youth Scotland Dynamic Youth Award. They also worked towards Awards for volunteering in the community.

The group developed their ideas and worked with a local artist on the design of the eco-refill station, coming up with a large fish shape as the container to collect plastic waste.

Community Placemaking and the Place Standard

The group had previously taken part in a community wide Place Standard consultation during which the idea was developed, with the young people as the driving force. They wanted to concentrate on changing behaviours and raising awareness rather than on physical changes to their town.

Next steps and new partnerships

The eco-refill was all ready to use when Covid 19 struck. The partnership with Waste Busters will be ongoing.


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