Net Zero in Our Place

Working with youth organisations, we developed and piloted Young Placechanger Net Zero in Our Place digital training sessions. We then focused on providing training and support to youth workers to increase their skills, knowledge and confidence to be able to cascade training with their groups and to support local action to achieve net zero targets.

The 'train the trainer' approach enabled this programme to have a greater reach and impact than working directly with a smaller number of youth groups. 

  • Youth workers gained information and knowledge about climate change and net zero. They told us they now "feel more confident talking to young people about climate change and place" and have the resources to be able to lead local sessions.

  • Young people were able to share their concerns about climate change and how it would affect their future. Youth workers told us the sessions provided the young people with "positivity, hope and inspiration" for action they could take to make a difference.

LGBT Youth Scotland used the training sessions as a springboard to get involved in COP26.

"Within LGBT Youth Scotland, youth workers don't have particular expertise around climate action, but young people often want to discuss it in groups. The greenspace scotland workshops were invaluable in developing the confidence of youth workers to have these conversations and to inspire young people to take action through the COP26 Steering Group."

Work on Net Zero in Our Place was also shared more widely through digital expo booths at the Geddes 2021 Conference, the International Connecting Nature Innovation Summit and at the Young Placechangers Festival.

About OVO Foundation

OVO Foundation is OVO’s charity that was created in 2014.  Their vision is for all children and young people to have equitable access to a sustainable future. They do this by developing and funding projects that enable them to live in a sustainable community, and also increase their knowledge and awareness of sustainability issues and empower them to take action. Thousands of OVO Energy customers choose to donate to OVO Foundation each month by adding at least 25p to their monthly statement. OVO matches all customer donations, and also covers OVO Foundation’s overheads so 100% of donations go directly to the projects.  

In 2020, the OVO Foundation pledged £120,000 to support seven local partners with each receiving a cash grant and volunteering support  from OVO staff. Partnerships were formed with organisations that were providing both immediate relief and long-term responses to people affected by Coronavirus. 

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