greenspace scotland engages and empowers young people through the Young Placechangers programme. 

The Young Placechangers approach combines greenspace scotland’s experience of working with community groups on placemaking with Youth Scotland’s experience of youth work and supporting young people to take the lead.

Watch the video in the banner for an introduction to the Young Placechangers programme

Watch the video below to hear about the experience of young people involved in the programme

Read   Young Placechangers in Action report    Young Placechangers Evaluation report  

Young People & Place Festival

Through presentations, films and workshops, the Young People & Place Festival (in June 2021) shared toolkits and resources, and celebrated the achievements of young people, youth workers and groups who have taken part in the Young Placechangers Programme.

The video below gives an introduction to the Festival and greenspace scotland's Young Placechangers approach.

Watch the Presentations from the Young People & Place Festival   

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The Young People and Place Festival was one of the outputs from the Young Placechangers programme supported by: