Creating climate change parks

greenspace scotland initiated a programme looking how existing greenspaces can be managed to address climate change priorities. We began with parks as they are the most recognisable and obviously multi-functional greenspaces. Many of the climate change actions for parks can be applied to other types of greenspace.

Working with partners we developed an e-resource for a typical Scottish park. This includes images showing the park ‘before’ and ‘after’ it is managed to deliver climate change action. It identifies how the various elements of the park (e.g. grassed areas, play spaces, sports pitches, paths, parking areas and flower beds) are currently managed; looks at the likely impact of climate change and then develops a series of potential climate change actions with detailed guidance notes.

The resource explores the opportunities to adjust the design and management of parks to maximise climate change benefits. Although the emphasis is on retro-fitting parks to deliver climate change actions, the concepts and actions explored in this resource can be applied to a wider range of greenspace types and to newly created greenspaces.

Download Retrofitting urban parks to deliver climate change action
Download Typical park image 'Before' and 'After' climate change action

Developing the role of greenspace in climate change mitigation and adaptation

Climate change is one of the major challenges facing Scottish towns and cities and the people who live in them. This scoping research looks at the potential for urban greenspace to contribute to local and national action to tackle climate change. It explores the potential role for different types of greenspace in both climate change mitigation and adaptation. The report aims to inform the development of a framework for action on greenspace to maximise its role in tackling climate change and identifies priority areas for action.

The study focused on identifying options for changing the ways that we plan, design, create and manage greenspace to maximise its contribution to tackling climate change. In this context, 'planning greenspace' includes the role of the Local Development Plans, as well as more local planning documents such as Development Strategies and Frameworks and Open Space Strategies.'Designing greenspace' includes the design of individual spaces and the masterplanning of wider areas.

Download Developing the role of greenspace in climate change mitigation and adaptation

You can access more climate resilience reports, including reports for specific climate change parks and urban greening projects from the Climate Change section of the Resources Library.