We have compiled a list of Exemplar sites in the UK and internationally that either (1) demonstrate the use of green energy technologies in public parks and greenspaces or (2) highlight innovative organisational models for the management of greenspaces. 

If you are interested in more detailed information, view the list below or search our more comprehensive spreadsheet (Ver 1. approx. 200 Kb).

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As we discover more sites we will update this resource. If you know of any interesting examples in the UK or worldwide please let us know by email


Rest of UK

Sunderland ground source heat pump project

Project to replace gas central heating with shared loop GSHPs solution in Sunderland utilising surrounding greenspace.

Avenmouth wind turbines Bristol

Making optimal use of council land assets: Avonmouth wind turbines and solar farm located on brownfield land in the Bristol docks area on land owned by Bristol City Council.


  • Australia, Sydney, Ballast Point Park. Electricity generation by integrating wind turbines into sculpture made of post-industrial remnants
  • Austria, Vienna, BOKU. Electricity generation by integrating semi-transparent solar panels into the design of a roof-garden
  • Denmark, Dronninglund Fjernvarme. Local community energy cooperative delivering town-based district heating solution using large scale solar thermal panel array and thermal pit-based water storage
  • Netherlands, Solarpark de Kwekerij. A park that combines solar power generation, public amenity and nature conservation
  • Pakistan, Islamabad, F9 Park/ Fatima Jinnah Park. Electricity generation to run lights, by utilising solar panels on carparks
  • Singapore, Singapore, Woodlands Waterfront Park. Electricity generation by using a floating solar panel system
  • Switzerland, Basel, BaseLink. On-going planning for energy generation by using solar panels and a downhole heat exchanger
  • USA, Boston, Boston Parks. High-tech bench providing solar-powered charging stations in the park
  • USA, California, County of San Luis Obispo  Solar PV car park canopies for a golf course owned by Department of Parks and Recreation
  • USA, Massachusetts, Greenfield Energy Park. Park is designed as demonstration of renewable energy projects and information, e.g. electricity generation by using solar and wind
  • USA, Minneapolis, Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. Electricity generation by using roof- and ground-mounted solar panels
  • USA, New Jersey, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey.  Large-scale (400 borehole) open loop heat pump installation with post-installation monitoring - see also Ground Source Heat Pumps: Are they green? which references this project and these research papers: 1. Epstein, 2. Epstein and Sowers
  • USA, New York City, Freshkills Park. On-going planning for electricity generation by operating a solar power facility
  • USA, Wyoming, Cheyenne Botanic Garden. Electricity generation by using a solar energy system and a battery backup as well as a windmill and wind turbine

Motor Tax Office Tralee GSHP solutionDolmen Community Centre, Donegal

Examples of GSHP solutions in Ireland: Tralee Motor Tax Office and Dolmen Community 'Eco' Centre built in 2006 both of which utilise surrounding land to host the technology - read more.