At the 20 Feb 2024 Park Managers Forum we heard from speakers working on triple wins - Nature, People and Climate Resilience - associated with changing greenspace management. We also discussed funding opportunities and costing such changes.

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  • Scene setting and news including new CEO, Scottish Budget and House of Commons urban greenspace inquiry - Ian Robertson, Programme Manager, greenspace scotland

  • Road Verges and Greenspaces - Andrew Doyle, Conservation Officer, Plantlife - on grassland management including live pilot projects at local authority scale for the circular economy -                

We then had time to take PMF January's discussion of practicalities of grassland management for nature further - issues and solutions, including cuttings management and so on.

Michaela Roberts, Environmental Economist at the James Hutton Institute, on her current research for Scottish Government, costing the Scottish biodiversity strategy (presentation not available).


Plantlife resources

Our grateful thanks to the Future Parks Accelerator and their sponsors for funding the 2023-24 Park Managers Forum programme.