All dates, timings and topics are provisional and may change. We keep the programme responsive to what Park Managers Forum members have to say about what's important, and to things that come up through the year. Speaker availability and other factors may also lead to changes.

If you have an idea for a particular thing you'd like to discuss, or you'd prepared to do a short talk – or a longer one – or to share materials at a PMF, do please get in touch with Ian Robertson, PMF Programme Manager at [email protected] . We'll be delighted to hear from you. 

Future PMFs with indicative topic list:  

Easter Friday public holiday: 29 March 2024  

Easter Monday public holiday: 1 April 2024  

Tue 30 Apr 2024, 10.00 to 15.30. Fife Council, greenspace scotland and SEPA will host a real world PMF in Dunfermline with site visits along the Lyne Burn. The theme will be making the most of blue-green infrastructure investment for climate resilience, communities and nature. Watch this space!  

Thu 6 June 2024, 14.00 to 16.00. Online.  

No July 2024 PMF  

Mon 26 Aug 24 - PM, time to be determined. Online.  

Note: simply as a reference point for school holidays in summer 2024, Glasgow City Council's proposed return date for schools 2024 (under consultation) is Wednesday, 14 August 2024.   

Other candidate topics for future PMFs include. Heritage, art and culture in urban greenspace, Remembering Together – the nationwide Covid Memorial project.