The Park Managers Forum on 5 December 2023 was on two main themes:

*Safety, including lighting and women's and girls' safety - including case study material from greenspace scotland and Glasgow City Council and information on May 2023 guidelines to improve safety for women and girls outdoors

*Careers, skills, and workforce development.


Emma Halliday, Programme Manager, greenspace scotland - 'Lighting and Safety in Parks' - an overview including:

a) guidelines, 'Safer Parks - Improving Access for Women and Girls' (University of Leeds/West Yorkshire Combined Authority/Green Flag Award / others, May 2023) 

b) Glasgow Pilot Parks lighting and safety community placemaking workshops by greenspace scotland and Glasgow City Council, 2022

Rachel Smith, 
Assistant Group Manager (Greenspace and Biodiversity), Glasgow City Council - 'Parks Lighting Review Next Steps'

* an overview of early follow on actions from the Glasgow Pilot Parks work, including details of site specific and lighting solutions.

Respect Her Space campaign, City of Edinburgh Council: public information video 

Careers, skills, and workforce development:
Glasgow City Council’s Climate Ready Modern Apprenticeship initiative:

NatureScot add to campaigns encouraging careers in nature and greenspace | Greenspace Scotland

Resources for careers, skills and workforce development in greenspace