Water resilient places – the role of greenspaces and blue-green infrastructure

Programme and Presentations

  • Setting the scene - Julie Procter, greenspace scotland | presentation

  • Strategic context: Water Resilient Places – policy framework | David Faichney, Scottish Government

  • City-scale: Water Resilience and Blue Green Networks in Edinburgh | Julie Waldron, City of Edinburgh Council | presentation

  • Breakout: Blue-Green Infrastructure (BGI) - What’s happening around Scotland? - notes below

  • Connecting parks and creating a green-blue corridor - naturalising the Lyne Burn in Dunfermline | Kevin O’Kane, Fife Council | presentation

  • Managing stormwater and improving greenspaces – a new role for St Leonard’s Park in Dundee | Dawn Lochhead, Scottish Water | presentation

  • Raingarden in action at Zetland Park, Falkirk | Rachel Howlett, Green Action Trust | presentation

Notes from workshop discussions 

Summary notes

  • Water resilient greenspaces in action – at different scales
  • BGI and NBS for water resilient places – what are the opportunities in your area? What support/info/advice/guidance do you need to realise the opportunities for BGI

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