Young People Changing Dunfermline

“It’s helped our guys realise that they have a voice, and by using it they are able to bring change to the area where they live – their opinions matter, and by seeing their ideas come to fruition, it helps to prove to them that their opinions matter” quote from youth worker

In 2016, greenspace scotland worked with a range of partners on a town centre placemaking project designed and led by young people. This is part of our national partnership work with Youth Scotland. The Dunfermline project used our community placemaking tools, along with the Place Standard and the Town Centre Toolkit, and a range of youth engagement and youth work techniques and approaches. Our partners in Dunfermline were Youth First and two local youth projects – Fairway Fife and Headroom. The process was led by two immensely capable young facilitators from Youth Scotland's 'Young People Take the Lead' project – Ahmed Mumin and Edward Fitzpatrick.

The project group evaluated local place quality, discussed ideas with the wider public and developed a range of placemaking actions which prioritised improving links between the High Street and key local facilities through the town’s greenspaces.

This is both about physical links and signage, and more ‘thematic’ links seeking to create a series of arts and performance connections across the town centre with a focus on access for all.

In a nice example of the community placemaking principle 'It’s not about the money', project partner Central Dunfermline Community Council worked with the group to more than double the project budget to allow a fuller set of actions to be delivered within the town centre much sooner, including new signage and the creation of an outdoor performance space.

Read the Young People Changing Dunfermline Report

This project was supported by the Scottish Government and features as a case study on the Scotland's Towns Partnership website